Canadian Chinese singer Liu Ziyun won three awards on the global Chinese pop music list

Canadian Chinese singer Liu Ziyun won three awards on the global Chinese pop music list
Canadian Chinese singer Liu Ziyun won three awards on the global Chinese pop music list

The selection results of major awards have been announced recently.

Over the years, she has been loved by hundreds of millions of Chinese pop music camouflage, and is known as “the changing queen of Chinese pop music in the world”. This time, her song “floating like a dream for half a life” won three awards. She is the most influential overseas female singer, the hottest overseas female singer and the best overseas female singer

Her ancestral home is Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province, China. She was born in Hekou City, Yunnan Province, China and grew up in Toronto, Canada. Although she was educated in the West since childhood, she has always been concerned about her motherland and has always been particularly fond of Chinese music. She learned from Professor Zhang Puhe, the “first teacher” of “a generation of singer” Teresa Teng. Finally, she won the “golden voice” award in the “rookie singing competition” of new era television in Toronto, and signed an agreement with a famous Canadian performing arts company.

As the company’s first Chinese Canadian female artist, “she made her debut” and embarked on the road of music. With her extraordinary talent and excellent performance, she soon won a high reputation in the Chinese speaking world in North America. Since then, she has traveled all over the world and is active in the performing arts circles in Asia and North America.

In Chinese Mainland alone, she participated in dozens of activities such as the 2018 China performing arts Spring Festival Gala and won more than 50 awards, including the best outstanding contribution award of the China performing arts Spring Festival Gala; She released nearly 100 singles and more than 30 solo albums; These albums and singles cover almost all music networks in Chinese Mainland, such as s kugou, music China, etc. Beautiful songs swept through the hearts of millions of song riddles like wind waves; Baidu, Oriental Wealth securities and other major websites all spoke highly of her and her songs.

She sings, performs and writes lyrics. She also guest starred in the Southeast Asian Film “blood stained cockscomb”

As for the “global Chinese pop music list”, Liu Ziyun has been on the list with his own songs since the establishment of the studio two years ago. This year, she broke the list with “life is like a half life dream” and became the champion.

In January, she won the best single award in the “Golden Melody list” and other awards, jumping from 356 to No. 8 on the list. As her popularity soared, she climbed one after another until she won three awards.

The reporter interviewed Liu Ziyun by telephone for the first time. She is a beautiful, charming, flexible and talented music poet. She answered the reporter’s interview with enthusiasm and modesty. She said, “I’m very happy to win the prize. I’m very moved and grateful to the teachers of the Golden Melody chart and the global Chinese pop audience. Then she talked about her mental process according to the reporter’s interview topic. She said that she had been confused countless times, but she insisted and walked optimistically to the present

Finally, she said: music is my life My deep love for music Until the end of my life

On June 28, 2022, Kuafu was in Beijing.